The Night is Dark, and Full of Terrors…

Tonight marks the second occurrence of something stupendous.

Game of Thrones night.

Myself and the other two members from the fabulous work trio have taken it upon ourselves to get together every fortnight for the partaking in what I like to call “The Tyrion Lannister Stories”.  So far it’s been a smash success, and means the other two hooligans are forced to descend upon my little abode, as I am the only one that pays for premium cable.  I also supplied the meal, and Shawn was so kind to bring his many bags of games.

We only got around to one of his many games, but it’s one I thoroughly recommend.  Quarriors! is a fairly fast paced dice battle game.  It reminds me of Magic in some respects, but is much simpler and revolves around a shared pool of “capturable” dice.  The rules took a little while to suss out, but once we were up and going it was roughly 30 minutes for a game.  2-4 players, so not a huge party game, but good for a small group of fast friends.

After a few rounds of Quarriors we caught up on last week’s episode of Game of Thrones, filled our bellies with roasted vegetables and turkey meatloaf, and had just enough time to watch an episode of the new Avatar series, Legend of Korra.  We may add this to future Game of Thrones nights, as the first episode was quite good.

Then, of course, came the latest episode.

I’ll just say there’s a reason we have Game of Thrones night.  The series is good.  Damn good.  The source material is excellent, and they have (so far) been quite faithful to it.  It begs the question as to what they’ll do when they catch up to the books, but they do, at least, have some time to get there.  I foresee the upcoming books being split into multiple seasons of the show, and you’ll likely see a lot of reshuffling of content so that there is a continuous timeline.

At any rate, I don’t worry too much about it.  I’ll enjoy what we have for what it is.  Fantastic entertainment.

And an excuse to get together with good friends.