One Crazy Week (with Movies!)

So work deadlines have been looming this past week.  Tomorrow is the final filing date for E-rate funding, so I’ve been neck deep in crossing t’s and dotting i’s, making sure Uncle Sam doesn’t come after me with a big stick because I didn’t report something just quite right.  Fundamentally, I really appreciate the E-rate program, in that it enables schools the like the one I work at to integrate and acquire hardware and networking equipment that there is no way we could afford otherwise, or at the scale we need.  On the other hand, I loathe paperwork.  And yet my life the past few weeks has been paperwork.

I have become the thing I hate.  *existential moment*

Okay, now that the moment has passed…

To survive this onslaught of tree slaughter, I’ve been heading out with the two other resident knuckleheads for some movie watching.

Last weekend was John Carter, and just this last Saturday we went and saw Arrietty.

Both movies were good, but not great.  John Carter trips over itself in some fundamental ways, and I personally had a hard time connecting with any of the characters or caring what happened.  I actually found the character of John Carter far more interesting before he ever arrived at Barsoom.  Woola was amusing, at least.  You can truly see a bit of the Pixar magic shine through when it comes to the eager-to-please xenodog.  Otherwise, it is competent sci-fi, with a storied pedigree… and for that reason alone I support it.

Arrietty also has an excellent pedigree, but I would say the more disappointing of the two movies.  It truly felt like Studio Ghibli was restrained when making Arrietty, and the depth and amazing Japanese charm and craziness I have come to love about their movies just wasn’t there.  I suppose that’s somewhat to be expected, given the already heavily adapted source material of The Borrowers, but I was hoping for something more.  Don’t get me wrong, the animation and care taken into each scene is evident throughout.  It is a truly beautiful movie.  The most scathing criticism I can level at it, in all honesty, is that it felt “safe”.  Maybe I’ve been spoiled lately by watching Mushi-shi.  (Which I’ve now finished and highly recommend.)

What’s next?  Well… Avengers is coming.  That should be sufficiently crazy, and I’ve made promises to one of my former bosses that we’d go see it together.  I am also strangely drawn to the Michael Bayesque trainwreck that will be Battleship.  I’m not sure why, exactly.

Also Frankenweenie and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter both tickle my unconventional side.

More recently, 21 Jump Street has been receiving good buzz… but I’m just not convinced.  Maybe if Johnny Depp has a cameo in it, I could be convinced to watch it.

At any rate, it should be an interesting year for movies.  Which is great, because I’ll need something to stave off all this work.

3 thoughts on “One Crazy Week (with Movies!)

  1. Nic says:

    I’m looking forward to Avengers too. I’ll be going with one of the guys from work since he doesn’t know anyone else who likes this type of movie, and is scared of going on his own 🙂

    I decided not to see John Carter, the trailers made it look, well, crap.

    And I can’t bring myself to see 21 Jump St either. Somehow I don’t think any of us who grew up with the real thing would like the movie. I’m guessing it would irritate me.

  2. me says:

    You have more faith in the coming movies than I do.
    John Carter is something that I think I will miss, more from lack of time than no interest…. expectations were low anyway. Given a movie based off of essentially 70s pop scifi it is hard for the expectations to be high… especially seeing as I have read some of the books.

    Of course I am looking forward to Sark Shadows .. something missing from your list 😀 and Avengers looks like it right have the right mix of cheese to be interesting.

    As for Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter I am undecided, done in the right way it could be hilarious but the shorts are yet to convince me of this.

  3. adam says:

    We finally had a chance to see 21 Jump Street this past weekend, but skipped out on it. I did find out it does have a Brad Pitt cameo, but it appears that is not enough of a draw for me after all. Maybe when it shows up on cable. 😛

    Also, I did totally forget about Dark Shadows. That will be a day one watch. Also, I’m super excited about Pixar’s Brave. There actually is a pretty amazing selection of movies coming down the pike.

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