I did something for the first time this last Saturday.

I participated in a caucus.

All in all it was pretty simple. About 30 people or so arrived at the local High School Library, we divided into our local voting precincts, and decided who we would support for the democratic party nomination.

My precinct consisted of me, Shawn, and four others from our neighborhood. Shawn actually knew a couple of the people there. The family of a mutual friend was there as well, though they were in a different precinct.

The decision at our table was rather easy. We were all in favor of supporting Obama, so there was little debate or wrangling of numbers involved. A couple of the other precincts had a tougher time of it, and ended up splitting their delegates between the two candidates. We sat around and ate candy for most of the meeting.

The tough part was choosing the three delegates that would go to the county meeting from our table. No one seemed very keen on the idea, so I stepped up to the plate and volunteered myself. Another individual did the same. And finally, Shawn came around (with a little pressure) and decided to go as well.

So… April 19th I’ll be going to the county convention. Not really sure what happens there, other than choosing individuals to go to the State Convention. Where they’ll pick people to go to the National Convention. I know I won’t be able to go to the National Convention at least.

I’ll be in Australia when it’s going on.

3 thoughts on “Caucus

  1. cynthaea says:

    Woot go you and being all politically active!
    I guess I will have to let you complain about your government now you are participating in the democratic process and all 🙂

  2. nic says:

    So the 19th has passed, what happened at the county convention? More candy? 🙂

  3. adam says:

    I was considering doing another post for the county caucus, but really, it was pretty uneventful. We gathered together in groups, did some quick math, and did a nomination / vote for who wanted to go to the state convention. It as all done in about an hour. There was some politicking that took place as well, but the meat of the process was over pretty quick.

    And the M&M’s and pretzels flowed like manna from heaven. 😛

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