Photo Hunt Week 19: Trees

Reaching for sun.

I realized last night that I hadn’t actually posted the current week’s photo hunt theme… but the week before. So, to make good what I said, I’ve not only posted a photo for week 10 (Books), but I’m now posting this week’s photo, for the theme Trees.

I’ve always had a love of trees. I think part of it comes from just a general love of the outdoors and nature. As a kid, I always loved camping, climbing trees, and generally just getting outside. Which is kind of odd, considering the standard image of a computer geek being all cloistered away and not seeing the light of day. I’ve become more like that as the years have passed, but not to my satisfaction. In fact, I’ve promised myself an extended camping trip sometime this summer, hopefully up to one of my old favorites, Cooper Lake. You can bet my camera will be going along with me.

As will my love of trees.

These trees, in particular, are just outside of where I work. They were originally planted in a set spacing and pattern, which you can probably tell a little from the picture. The shade they provide during the summer months is fantastic, and they always turn a truly gorgeous shade of burnt orange and fiery red in the autumn. I like how these, in particular, have all grown at a slight slant.. towards where the sun typically rises. This has quite a bit to do with the lay of the land in the vicinity… but makes a good photo nonetheless, I think.