Chia herb garden!

For Christmas this year, Danie’s mom did something I wasn’t expecting… and bought me something. Evidently she overheard at some point that I wanted to have my own little herb garden. This desire in itself is somewhat strange for me. I’ve always been in denial when it comes to gardening. Growing up, I felt at times like I was used as slave labor in the garden. And my parents had a huge one. No 40 acre farm or anything, but the garden and the produce that came out of it was nearly a daily thing I had to deal with in some form. So for a long time I swore to myself that I would never do any gardening.

I’m finding, though… that I miss it. Having fresh vegetables handy is something I wish I had at times now that I’m starting to cook again. And I figured a good first step in that respect would be to start growing some herbs indoors.

And here is the start to that endeavor! It’s not a lot yet, but I’m hoping to add to the selection of herbs at a later date, after I see how these go. Plus I figure it’s a good start to getting my feet wet with taking care of plants again… before I take on a bonsai like I want to. The kit Danie’s mom bought is pretty simple. It’s four terracotta pots with these funky soil sponge thingies. The only scary part is that it’s a Chia Herb Garden… the same Chia as those really scary Chia pets that get advertised over here.

So here’s to fostering and nurturing a green thumb again. Hopefully I manage not to kill all of them like I’ve done in the past.

2 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-chia.

  1. cynthaea says:

    Killing herbs is one of my greater skills 🙂
    The only time I had a really healthy flourishing herb selection indoors was during honours… It is amazing what procrastinantion can achieve 😀

  2. nic says:

    I love the herb garden. I’m with you on wanting the fresh herbs and vegies and in principle this is a great idea. In reality… I forget the plants need watering so they generally die very quickly. One day I’ll have one that has an automatic watering system so I don’t have to remember. Of course, I have to wait for an automatic weeding system to be invented too 🙂

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