Photo Hunt Week 5: Autumn

This is Halloween!

This weeks’ photo hunt update was a tough one. Unfortunately I haven’t had my digital camera long enough to get some nice autumn shots of the leaves turning, so I had to dig into my archives and find something a little less recent. And, for me, autumn has always been strongly associated with Halloween.

Shawn’s little nephew is the one hamming it up in this shot. He can be a troublemaker, but he’s a good kid all in all. The jack-o-lanterns are our labor of love for Halloween 2005. On the left, you have Shawn’s mom’s jack-o-lantern, Shawn’s jack-o-lantern in the middle, and mine on the far right. All of them turned out awesome, and the picture of them glowing happily at night is incredibly cute as well.

Vicky has outdone herself this week, and you can find her picture here. It is absolutely stunning, and I wish autumn was here again already.