Photo Hunt Week 4: Furry

The sunbathers.

As most of you probably know by now, it gets cold here this time of year. And when its the middle of January and the sun makes an appearance, it’s generally something to be appreciated.

The animals in the back yard certainly do.

You’ll have to forgive the misfit cat. She’s not very photogenic. Plus I had to snap this through the glass of the back patio door, or the animals would of gone crazy for the attention. These are Shawn’s pets… well… his mother’s really but she’s seldom here at this point. The dog is an American Eskimo named Nikita. The cat was saved after a run in with a car and is appropriately named Bump. She’s the type of cat I’ll actually tolerate. She stays outside and enjoys her place out of doors.

I just love how Nikita has that glazed over, “damn this feels good” look.

Vicky’s awesome, as always, piccie can be found here. Isn’t he cute?