Racks for the Holidays

One rack + one attic crawl space = fun and merriment for all.

For those of you that have kept in touch with me over the holidays, you’ve likely heard me weave a tale of wonderment and joy as I’ve explained what I’ve had to do over my holiday break at work.

This picture pretty much captures the entire situation as succinctly as possible.

Now, after you get that seven foot rack up into that attic crawl space, figure out a way to jostle the equipment that’s already up there around to make room for it in a fairly cramped space, all the while having fun with a hydraulic scissor lift in the process, imagine, if you will, proceeding to carry up and install almost $50,000 worth of network equipment as well.

It made for some interesting work weeks.

I also have several pictures of us unboxing our new “toys”, but I’ll spare this blog from those images, even though there is one rather amusing shot of Shawn praying at the altar of his new Xserve and Xserve Raid. I will say one thing. Apple hardware is damn pretty in a rack.

One thought on “Racks for the Holidays

  1. […] I had a lot of choices for this week’s photo hunt picture, considering the field I work in. This photo is the one that caught my eye, however. It was taken several months ago, during our December of installing lots of stuff in the attic (you can find the blog post about it here), and echoes back to my comment about Apple hardware being damn pretty in a rack. Pictured, on top, is an Intel Xeon Xserve paired with an Apple Xraid below it. Part of our summer project this year is transitioning fully to them after their testing period these past few months. […]

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