A Strange Experience In Music

In recognition of the recent music memeage, here’s a couple more. I actually did these a while ago when I found them in my random surfing of the Internet. Originally I was going to add little comments, but looking at it at the moment, I think most of the answers speak for themselves.

Here we go.

Put your music player on shuffle.
Press forward for each question.
Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn’t make sense.

  1. How am I feeling today? – “Sex Type Thing” Stone Temple Pilots
  2. Will I get far in life? – “Ride the Cliche” Stone Temple Pilots
  3. How do my friends see me? – “Waiting for the Night” Depeche Mode
  4. Where will I get married? – “Catch” The Cure
  5. What is my best friend? – “Pictures of You” The Cure
  6. What is the story of my life? – “I Began to Hope” Wave In Head
  7. What was high school like? – “Flowers” Leiahdorus
  8. How can I get ahead in life? – “Megalomaniac” KMFDM
  9. What is the best thing about me? – “SleepDreamSleep” B!Machine
  10. What is today going to be like? – “You Spin Me ‘Round” Dead or Alive
  11. What is in store for this weekend? – “In The Springtime of his Voodoo” Tori Amos
  12. What song describes my parents? – “Any Kind of Love” Rupesh Cartel
  13. To describe my grandparents? – “Mello” Alien#Six13
  14. How is my life going? – “Casino” Blue October
  15. What song will they play at my funeral? – “I Want Her” Brave New World
  16. How does the world see me? – “Project David” We’ll Go On
  17. Will I have a happy life? – “Big Empty” Stone Temple Pilots
  18. What do my friends really think of me? – “My Friends” Red Hot Chili Peppers
  19. Do people secretly lust after me? – “Enjoy the Silence” Depeche Mode
  20. How can I make myself happy? – “The Carnival Is Over” Dead Can Dance
  21. What should I do with my life? – “Stare At The Sun” MDFMK
  22. Will I ever have children? – “On the Run” Pink Floyd
  23. What is some good advice for me? – “True Believer” Neuropa
  24. How will I be remembered? – “Great Big Lie” The Tea Party
  25. What is my signature dancing song? – “This Love” Dark Voices
  26. What is my current theme song? – “Ain’t Got Nothin'” Supreme Beings of Leisure
  27. What does everyone else think my current theme song is? – “Autumn Soon” The Church
  28. What type of women do I like? – “Eternal Insane” Nine

Most of the answers to that I just find amusing, though there are some that are a tad disturbing. I’m sure some of you will find some of bands referenced disturbing. What can I say… I like a little mainstream rock from time to time. I blame my teenage years.

The next one was a little more specific, though similar.

Pick a band and answer the following questions only with titles of their songs.

I, of course, chose The Tea Party.

  1. Are you male or female? “Taking Me Away”
  2. Describe yourself: “Luxuria”
  3. How do some people feel about you? “Interzone”
  4. How do you feel about yourself? “Mantra”
  5. Describe your ex boyfriend/girlfriend: “Fire in the Head”
  6. Describe your current significant other: “Writing’s on the Wall”
  7. Describe where you want to be: “The Master and Margarita”
  8. Describe how you live: “Coming Home”
  9. Describe how you love: “Turn the Lamp Down Low”
  10. What would you ask for if you had just one wish? “Stargazer”
  11. Share a few words of wisdom: “Walking Wounded”
  12. Now say goodbye: “Waiting on a Sign”

And that’s enough music memeage for now, I think.

UPDATE: I just now realized that I wasn’t supposed to use random tracks for the second memeage… but I think they fit well enough anyway. Almost spookily.

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