Memorial Day

They say that this a holiday to remember all the men and woman that have died in military service.

I say that’s only partially true.

The deeper purpose of this holiday is to give the typical American household the chance to fire up their barbecue.

You couldn’t go outside today without the smell of roasted meat and barbecue sauce assaulting your senses.

Which brings me to something peculiar about American holidays. It seems they have all begun to revolve around one predominate facet.


After all, we are the only nation to have Thanksgiving, a holiday edifying the mass destruction and consumption of large poultry.

Of course, I’m just as guilty as anyone else. Don’t dare deprive me of my Halloween sweets, or the miles and miles of goodies that come with Christmas.

And they wonder why America has an obesity problem. We worship food. We glorify it… even celebrate it.

Which kind of brings me to the movie I went and saw tonight.

Yes, another movie. I think in ways it was an attempt to wash away X-Men 3 from last night.

Anyway… we went and saw Over the Hedge.

It’s cute. And rather entertaining. It’s also slow at times and rather methodical. It strives too hard to be a kids movie a large portion of the time, even though there is some content there for the older crowd as well.

And there’s an entire scene explaining human’s strange obsession with food.

In reality, though… there’s only one reason to watch the movie.


How can you resist an adorable, hyperactive squirrel?

You can’t. It’s just not possible.