Stranger than (science) fiction.

I’ve survived the day.

And none the worst for wear at that.

Thankfully I can get back on a somewhat sane schedule tonight. Well… as sane as usual for me.

Through the joy of Netflix, I’ve been catching up on Sci-Fi series that I missed. I decided to start with Farscape, as I have always enjoyed the Jim Henson creature shop’s work. I remember as a child being thoroughly enthralled by The Storyteller series on TV… something that I may have to find on DVD just to re-live those memories.

In Farscape, however, I have been somewhat disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong… the series certainly has its high points, and to be honest, I have only made it about half-way through the first season so far.

But there is certainly something missing. The episodes lack focus in ways… as if certain elements were brought in simply to flesh out an episode that was drastically needing something more.

I think that’s the heart of my troubles with the series, really. I get the feeling that it would of made a much better series of half-hour episodes than simply trying to fill in a full hour, even if the core of your story needs much less than that.

This is, of course, just one critic’s opinion however.

I fully intend to watch the whole series, no matter what my qualms may be.

There’s just not enough Sci-Fi out there.

I’m undecided at this point what to catch up on next. I’m thinking possibly Stargate SG-1. Or possibly Battlestar Galactica. Not that new stuff they’re putting on the Sci-Fi station, though I plan on watching that eventually too. The original… another childhood favorite.

Of course, I’m always open to suggestions, too.